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Pharmacy Locator

Find Pharmacy
Welcome to the AWPRx Pharmacy Locator. Please follow these steps to find the pharmacies in your area.
  • Enter your starting location in the search area above. This can be an address, a city/state/zip combination, or an intersection.
  • Using the drop down box located directly above these directions, please select a search radius (in miles).
  • Press the button labeled "Go" next to the search bar where you entered your search criteria. Please wait while we populate the map with the pharmacies in the area.
  • Pharmacies will be listed in groups of 10, please use the Previous and Next navigation links located at the top right and bottom right of the results to navigate between results
  • Your search location will be shown as a blue marker, the rest of the results will be labeled A - J within red markers.
  • Click on the labels shown on the map or in the results section to show more information about the location on your map.

* Disclaimer: Not all information may be up to date.